A&A Global Industries, an Acacia Partners Portfolio Company, is Actively Seeking Add-On Opportunities in the Candy Sector

July 10, 2023

A&A Global Industries, an Acacia Partners portfolio company, is actively seeking add-on opportunities in the candy sector to expand its Koko’s Confectionary product offering. A&A is a flexible buyer with a focus on the below criteria.

Add-On Acquisition Criteria

  • Company Criteria: North American focused distributors of licensed and unlicensed candy and novelties
  • End Markets Served: Specialty retail, Family Entertainment Centers, “Big Box” stores, hobby shops, convenience stores, dollar stores and other related end markets
  • Size: Annual Revenues of $5mm+
  • Brand Types: Licensed and unlicensed candy and novelties
  • Desired Products: Candy, gum, mints, squeezes, hard candy, sour candy, candy jewelry, sprays, suckers, lollipops, popping candy, gummies and other novelties
  • Involvement of Current Ownership: A&A is highly flexible in go-forward involvement of current ownership

About A&A Global Industries

A&A Global Industries Inc. (“A&A”) is a premier nationwide value-added distributor of toys, candy, plush (stuffed animals) and redemption products to family entertainment centers (“FEC”), vending route operators, and amusement companies. Koko’s Confectionary and Novelty, A&A’s novelty candy division, sells candy jewelry, squeeze candy, and other novelties. Its product portfolio consists of desirable brands and licenses and can be found in many end-markets including grocery, convenience, and candy stores as well as FECs. Headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland, A&A is known for its innovative product offering, comprehensive safety testing and ease of doing business.

About Acacia Partners

Acacia Partners is a private investment firm based in Austin, Texas that invests only in family-owned and owner-operated companies. Acacia invests from a committed capital fund in businesses ranging in enterprise value from $50 million to $300 million that are seeking majority or minority equity investment partners. Unlike traditional private equity firms, Acacia has a high degree of flexibility regarding investment structure and time horizon.