For Intermediaries

We strive to make every interaction throughout our business network a positive one. Intermediaries who bring investment opportunities to our attention are critical to our success. We have the same partnership mindset with intermediaries as we do with business owners.

In order to optimize the transaction process for all constituents involved, Acacia takes the following approach:

We do a significant amount of due diligence before presenting an LOI. By doing our work in advance, we are free to focus solely on closing the transaction after signing an LOI.

We avoid the traditional process of long, drawn-out negotiations that are disadvantageous for both sides. We strive to achieve common ground from day one to expedite closing.

We take a highly concentrated approach, refusing to execute multiple transactions at the same time. We devote all of our efforts on the investment at hand.

We over-communicate with all parties involved throughout the due diligence period.

Our modest use of debt reduces the need for multiple lenders and complexity of due diligence which, in turn, increases the certainty and speed of closing.

We provide references for every business owner and intermediary with whom we have ever signed an LOI. Our reputation is built on always having successful interactions.

Most Importantly, we close on time and at our LOI value. We have closed on 100% of the LOIs we have signed and always within the time horizon and exact valuation outlined in the LOI.