About Us

Acacia Partners is named after a genus of trees (acacia) that have the ability to thrive in any climate based on their extensive root system. We emulate this characteristic by maintaining flexibility in our approach and relying on our extensive network to capitalize on relationships that drive value.

Acacia Partners places a significant emphasis on the following qualities:


We believe that our reputation is our greatest asset and go out of our way to be the best possible partner for business owners that are seeking outside equity capital but want to maintain material ownership in their business.


Our focus is on building strong relationships with all of our stakeholders. In particular, we prioritize working with companies that emphasize employee satisfaction. We operate with the motto “happy employees make happy customers which creates more value.” We look to partner with business owners that share this mindset.

Long-Term Oriented

Acacia is not restricted by a predetermined investment period and has the flexibility to hold an investment indefinitely. This approach allows us to maintain a patient, long-term outlook and let our partners determine exit timing based what is best for the business.

Flexible Approach

Acacia does not have a “cookie cutter” approach when it comes to working with management. Each company possesses unique strengths, and we support management based on situational needs and requirements.

Strong Balance Sheet

Acacia seeks to create value through growth and operational improvements and not through financial engineering. We believe excessive debt drives unnatural decision-making that is often detrimental to the long-term success of a business. Our companies maintain a strong balance sheet at all times, which we believe increases the long-term success of the business.