Private Investment Firm

Acacia Partners is a Texas based private investment firm that invests primarily in family owned and owner/operated companies seeking equity capital ranging from $15 million to $50 million.  Acacia’s capital is sourced primarily from family offices and long-term oriented institutions that allow Acacia to have a different time horizon than traditional private equity.

Unlike traditional private equity firms, Acacia does not have a fixed investment mandate. We have a high degree of flexibility regarding investment structure and time horizon. Acacia invests in both debt and equity and even has the ability to hold investments indefinitely.

We offer a compelling proposition to lower middle market entrepreneurs and family owned/operated businesses seeking capital, including:

  • Patient, long-term capital aligned with your company’s long-term objectives
  • Appreciation for the unique characteristics that give family businesses a competitive advantage and a strong desire to maintain that culture post-investment
  • Small appetite for leverage, as we prefer to generate returns through growth and operational excellence rather than financial engineering
  • Structurally agnostic capital solutions to address your company’s specific needs
  • Access to a vast investor network to drive strategic introductions and operational excellence