Acacia Partners is named after a genus of trees that have the ability to live in any climate based on their extensive root system. We try to emulate our namesake by utilizing our extensive network base to find attractive investment opportunities in all market environments and simulate the Acacia trees’ root system by partnering with family offices that have vast network bases and industry contacts.

Acacia Partners places a significant emphasis on the following:

  • Relationship Focused: This is the primary driver of Acacia Partners. Acacia Partners and its investors have networks that are hard for smaller businesses to replicate.
  • Long-Term Oriented: Acacia Partners does not have a defined investment holding period and can even hold an investment indefinitely. This allows Acacia Partners to take a patient, longer-term outlook with its investments. Hold periods are determined by the market and management and not by an investment fund life.
  • Structurally Agnostic: Acacia Partners has the ability to invest in both debt and equity and can structure an investment to fit the specific needs of the business and current owners.
  • Returns not Dependent on Leverage: Acacia Partners is looking to grow a business through its extensive network, strategic assessment and operational improvement and not through financial engineering.